Network Support – Boston to Worcester

We have perfected the art and science of managing and monitoring business computer networks. For 27 years our approach to network support has evolved with technology. We employ a well-tested set of procedures and best-of-breed tools that join forces to provide the most reliability, stability and performance from your information systems as possible.

Most IT support providers cover the basics well. We pay particular attention to the aspects that affect your productivity and your business continuity such as hands-on preventative maintenance and disaster prevention.

Managed SystemCare Program Protects your Network

When your network is protected by our Managed SystemCare program you’re assured that:

  • Current generation anti-virus and managed end-point detection services
  • Backups are encrypted, monitored and tested regularly
  • Server and Cloud performance is evaluated and optimized
  • Network and resource utilization trends are on our radar
  • Using our advanced monitoring agents we watch for early warning symptoms (disk corruption, RAID alerts, for example) in order to get ahead of problems before they become serious
  • Deploy current firewall, anti-virus and perimeter security technology
  • We keep an eye on changing technologies and bring new offerings to your attention when appropriate