I just ran out of the Google’s “Coffee, Cloud & Conversation” event held at their Cambridge office. The pitch to IT consultants is designed to turn us into eager resellers of Google Apps. The show was run by a quartet of perfectly-tuned, and ethnically-diverse 20-somethings. Their enthusiasm was genuine and visible, if not infectious.

Some highlights:
- In the old days you could expect to make $125-$250 per user per month. Get used to the idea of dropping that to $20-$50
  • You also won’t make much money on supporting the product and, by the way, Google’s support needs some work.
  • There are no backups currently available
  • There is no offline access to docs
  • In the GMail demo, the presenter was clearly not familiar with newer versions of Outlook so he made inaccurate comparisons
  • On more than one occasion, I heard this response to a question: “We get asked that a lot – I don’t have an answer”
Oh, and 5 minutes into Coffee, Cloud & Conversation ….. they ran out of coffee.
Are they serious?