We have a new solution for clients who not only need encrypted online backups but require very fast recovery times in the event of a disaster.

How it works.
We configure a souped-up Windows 7 PCs as a Standby Server. This computer along with a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) device and a firewall are installed at an Alternate Site, which might be a branch office, owner’s home, or our office.

The Primary Site (company headquarters) is permanently connected the the Alternate Site through a secure site-to-site VPN.  When the system is first set up full images of one or more servers are created and transferred the NAS device. Then, several times per day (6-12), incremental images are transferred from the servers to the NAS at the Alternate Site.
Disaster Strikes.
If one or more servers goes down for any reason from hardware failure to office fire, the images at the Alternate Site are compiled and mounted as a virtual server. After a few tweaks to the firewall the alternate server is available for use by remote users.
Typical recovery time: 1 hour
We call this solution SystemSafe Ultimate and we consider it the best disaster recovery solution available because it has many advantages:
  • Uses private, not public, cloud
  • Secure transmission and storage of data
  • Extremely fast recovery time
  • Easy to test
  • No recurring cost