New Tools Let You Be Anywhere

If I had to pick one significant change in computer in the last few years it’s how a person “digital life” now includes multiple devices. It’s hardly unusual these days to use one or more computers, a phone and tablet throughout the course of a day.  The problem then becomes accessing critical content from whatever toy, um, device happens to be in your hands at the moment. Two software/service solutions address this nicely.

Dropbox ( acts as a central repository for your important files. For every device (i.e. PC, Mac, phone, or tablet regardless of brand or operating system) there is a Dropbox app. Just install it and connect it to you Dropbox account . On a computer your data automatically syncs between the local dropbox folder and the “cloud” storage. This is not only a great way to make sure you are working with current data but it also serves as an online backup
Evernote ( a similar hub-and-spoke model but is geared toward ad-hoc creating and capturing of ideas.  Through it’s logical user-interface, Evernote makes it easy to capture images and web content, or create content on the fly from any device. All Notes can be tagged and organized into notebooks for easy search and retrieval.
Both Dropbox and Evernote offer free versions