It’s not uncommon for companies to stay with an IT support company even if they are not getting the service they deserve. That’s because there is a perception that it is difficult change vendors. Not so.

We’ve have transitioned many clients from other support providers and have developed a methodology for a seamless move that ensures no interruption of service and a network that’s protected exclusively under new management.
The key elements to a successful and secure migration are:

  • A full accounting of all IT assets, passwords and remote access paths. Often, a customer doesn’t even know what information to ask for. Not to worry – we can provide a complete list of  critical passwords and other items.
  • A documented review of the network design, security, website, contracts. This document not only assures you that there are no missing links in your infrastructure, it also forms a solid footing for network management going forward.  [Note: Harness technology provides this free of charge].
  • A brief and well-timed transition that includes total lockout of the current vendor

There is a right way to make a transition to improved support. It is not difficult but does require experience.

Switching IT providers is easier than you thinkSwitching IT providers is easier than you think