One day it became apparent that I had to go back to a Windows laptop as my main computer. It certainly wasn’t because of any complaints with the MacBook Pro. Three things tipped the scales:

1. I had converted our ticketing system to ConnectWise which is a Windows program

2. I wanted to switch to Exchange for the company and Entourage just doesn’t cut  it.

3. An increasing number of important web-based services don’t work in Firefox or Safari.

All of this meant that I would be spending most of my time in virtual PC mode on the Mac. What’s the point?

So I am back in the world of Windows (except I still use the Mac to handle photos, videos and music) and there have been some surprising pluses.

Alt & Ctrl keys – it’s just a better and more consistent way to perform alternate commands. For example, on the Mac you might use Apple-V or Ctrl-V to paste. It depends on what you are doing at the time. Windows always uses Ctrl-V.

Delete Key – Thank you! Why doesn’t Apple have a Del key? It’s ridiculous that it takes 2 keys to delete the character you are on.

Right-mouse. Again, what is Apple thinking? Their Mighty Mouse has a right-button why doesn’t the touchpad? It’s an adherence to tradition for no particular reason.

Lastly, this low-end Dell Vostro doesn’t have the same quality feel of the Mac but it cost $500, not $2000!

I have no regrets about this round-trip excursion. At least I now know what all the hoopla is about. Both the Apple-bashers and Windows-haters of this world need to calm down. Both platforms let you do many incredible things and stay mosty invisible in the process.