Many blog entries have been posted by various technoids who have made make the illogical leap from Windows to Mac. I took the plunge in April 2008. Keep in mind that my entire business life centers around providing support in Windows environments.

My twisted reasoning when something like this: It was time to replace my aging Toshiba notebook but what t buy and, more important, what OS to get? I am solidly Vista-resistant but figure I might have to learn it to keep my knife sharp. The irony is that, by buying a Mac with Parallels software, I didn’t really have to make that choice because either Windows OS could be booted inside a OS X window. That and an overriding temptation to see life outside of Microsoft pushed me to get a MacBook Pro.

While there are som application that exist on both platforms (Firefox, VPNC)  the big science projects for me were about finding Apple equivalents for very familiar Windows tools. The migration map nows looks like this.

  • Outlook -> Entourage
  • SonicWall VPN -> VPN Tracker 5
  • UltraEdit (favorite text editor) -> Coda
  • Remote desktop client – CORD
  • CuteFTP -> Cyberduck

What was surprising was that the most difficult transitions centered around the keyboard. Those handful of keyboard combinations I did in my sleep had not obvious equivalents on an Apple keyboard. An example: in Windows Firefox Alt-D selects the current URL so you can quickly go to another site. There is no intuitive replacement for the Mac it is surprisingly tedious to find the answer (Command-L)

Now I’m completely comfortable with my Mac and really enjoy the serious performance boost over XP (and certainly Vista). On the other hand I would kill for a real DEL key