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Coughing Clowns & Consternation

I just ran out of the Google’s “Coffee, Cloud & Conversation” event held at their Cambridge office. The pitch to IT consultants is designed to turn us into eager resellers of Google Apps. The show was run by a quartet of perfectly-tuned, and ethnically-diverse 20-somethings. Their enthusiasm was genuine and visible, if not infectious. Some [...]

The Ultimate Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution

We have a new solution for clients who not only need encrypted online backups but require very fast recovery times in the event of a disaster. How it works. We configure a souped-up Windows 7 PCs as a Standby Server. This computer along with a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) device and a firewall are installed at [...]

New Tools Let You Be Anywhere

New Tools Let You Be Anywhere If I had to pick one significant change in computer in the last few years it’s how a person “digital life” now includes multiple devices. It’s hardly unusual these days to use one or more computers, a phone and tablet throughout the course of a day.  The problem then [...]

Welcome Tommy Michaud

Hard to believe it’s been over a month since Tom Michaud joined Harness Technology as an IT Support Specialist.  Because of his background in small business support, managed services, and the technologies and tools we use around here, Tom has hit the ground running with server maintenance, malware removal and putting out fires.  By now [...]

How to send large files quickly

The typical business email is based on Microsoft Exchange. In it’s out-of-the-box configuration, Exchange caps the size of an inbound and outbound message at 10 MB. So you’ve got a 15 MB proposal that you need to deliver to a prospect right away – what do you do? You could beg your system administrator to [...]

Switching IT providers is easier than you think

It’s not uncommon for companies to stay with an IT support company even if they are not getting the service they deserve. That’s because there is a perception that it is difficult change vendors. Not so. We’ve have transitioned many clients from other support providers and have developed a methodology for a seamless move that [...]

Windows 7 – Finally another keeper

It’s hard to believe but it has been 15 months since the release of Windows 7. We’ve been around for plenty of Microsoft PC operating system releases but this one is like no other. There are a couple of reasons that make the transition to Windows  7 unique: Pent up demand = more enthusiasm. Let’s [...]

To Mac and Back … the return

One day it became apparent that I had to go back to a Windows laptop as my main computer. It certainly wasn’t because of any complaints with the MacBook Pro. Three things tipped the scales: 1. I had converted our ticketing system to ConnectWise which is a Windows program 2. I wanted to switch to [...]

To Mac and Back .. the road in

Many blog entries have been posted by various technoids who have made make the illogical leap from Windows to Mac. I took the plunge in April 2008. Keep in mind that my entire business life centers around providing support in Windows environments. My twisted reasoning when something like this: It was time to replace my [...]

Perfect Fit for Terminal Server

Every so often we run up against a situation where users in a client’s branch office are hampered by very slow connections to the database application in the main office. Usually they have already done the hard part – connecting the office through a site-to-site VPN. But when the application is loaded on the remote [...]